Books in 2006, The Last Potter

Basket Case
Skinny Dip
The Quick Red Fox
Deadly Shade of Gold
Roving Mars
The Road
Carter Beats The Devil
The Trench
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

You knew this was going to take over all. Two days of straight reading.



Now, This Week

Matt Fraction's post on Paul Pope and Devin Faraci's latest piece on things he loves inspired me to right something or anything about what I am up to right now.

Got a call last week to work as a PA on Racing for Time. It is a Lifetime movie, my second, about women from a youth correctional facility who form a track team. This marks my third film I have worked on with a black director (Charles Dutton is directing this one; I have previously worked with Debbie Allen and Carl Franklin)). I see the problem is not that black directors are not working, it is that they are not getting prestige projects.

Currently reading Meg: Primal Waters and Wooden Boats. The books are stacking up though faster than I can read them.

Been watching our Netflix pretty consistently. This week we have Thank You for Smoking and Breach.

Saw Ratatouille at the theaters this past weekend. Wonderful movie. Much more for adults I felt than kids. Still Sippy liked it and apparently quoted from it yesterday. Good movie to add to the foodie film cannon as well with such films as Like Water for Chocolate.

Writing is all over the place right now. Bits and piece of different stuff keep coming out. Nothing consistent. Hopefully once I get done with Racing for Time (or things slow down in the office) I will get to figure some of this stuff out.

That is where I am right now.

Anything else anyone wants to know?

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Bush vs Beckham

New ads from Adidas with Beckham and Bush teaching the other how to play their sport:

For me the geekiest thing is seeing Beckham in a Saints Jersey. Shame the Saints are a futbol team.