Some things I like right now

So, some thing I am into right now, since I feel the need to post something/anything on this blog:

Vitamin Water. I am an addicted. Really, it is just not healthy. But then it is.

MLS season has begun.

Baseball season is of course back as well:

Loving the weather getting warm. Always great to have the sun coming down andbe able to actually feel it.

Rian Johnson
. Directed Brick which was a great film, and I just got it on DVD finally. He has a con man movie coming out sometime this year called Brothers Bloom.

Music blogs. I probably download the equivalent of 3-4 albums per week off of them. Lots of country (alt and old), old blues, old jazz, and various other types of music.

Counting Crows' Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings. Always nice to have a new Crows' album. Video for the first single, "You Can't Count On Me" I also have a copy of their live performance from World Cafe. Great stuff. I wish they would do a tour where they just played small venues and talked about their songs.

Jimmy Buffett coming to Jazz Fest. The cubes are out. I will definately be there Saturday, May 3rd. Can't wait.

That's all for now.



The Sandbaggers Opening Credits

Thinking on some things.



McNulty's Wake - The Wire

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