Trouble Weighs a Ton - Dan Auerbach

What's wrong, dear brother? Have you lost your faith?
Don't you remember a better place?
Needles and things, done you in
Like the setting sun
Oh, dear brother, trouble weighs a ton

What's wrong, dear sister? Did your world fall down?
Men misuse you and push you around
Same story dear, year after year
Faith will run
Oh, dear sister, trouble weighs a ton

Trouble in the air
Trouble all I see
Does anybody care
Trouble killin' me
Whoa, it's killin' me

What's wrong, dear mother? Has your child disobeyed?
Left you hurtin' in so many ways
What once was sweet, the sorrow and greet
Cannot be undone
Oh, dear mother, trouble weighs a ton
Oh, dear mother, trouble weighs a ton



Books in 2009

Prince of Thieves
Finn McCool's Football Club
Fever Pitch
How Soccer Explains the World
The Hunter
The Killer Inside Me
On Film Editing
Behind the Seen
The Big Picture
Dress Her In Indigo
The Long Lavender Look
A Tan and Sandy Silence
True Grit

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Zombie Scooby Doo



Space Bastard Logo

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Buckaroo Banzai - Team Banzai



This Life - Sons of Anarchy

Riding through this world, all alone

God takes your soul; you're on your own

The crow flies straight, a perfect line

On the Devil's back until you die

This life is short, baby that's a fact

Better live it right, you ain't coming back

Gotta raise some Hell before they take you down

Gotta live this life

Gotta look this world in the eye

Gotta live this life 'till you die

You better have soul, nothing less

Cos when it's business time, it's life or death

The King is dead, the light goes on

Don't lose your head when the deal goes down

Better keep your eyes on the road ahead

Gotta live this life

Gotta look this world in the eye

Gotta live this life until you die

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Louisiana Production Report 11.12.09

Here are list of some films and productions coming to Louisiana. You should sign up for Production Weekly as well to get more info. Also, don't forget to check the Louisiana Film Commission, Solomon Street Films, and the New Orleans Film Commission for more contacts and shows.

Big Moose, LLC
1231 Prytania st 4th floor
New Orleans, la 70130
Fax Resumes to 504-523-9883

Prepping November/December.
Shooting Mid January - February
Stars Kate Hudon/Gael Garcia Bernal
DIR: Nicole Kassell
LP: Skot Bright
UPM: Kati Johnston
Seeking Resumes: earthbound@earthlink.net

Starring Nic Cage
UPM: Dave Pomier
Prod Supvsr: Tony Rossi
327 S. Rampart St
New Orleans, LA 70112
P: 504-527-6077
F: 504-529-8168
Start filming Dec. 7

824 Distributors Row
Harahan, LA 70123
email resumes to: wwenolallc@gmail.com
Line Producer: Bob Del Valle
UPM: Todd Lewis
POC: Ruth Kesler
Shoots Dec. 8th for 6 Weeks
#2 of many projects to come

HBO Series
1231 Prytania St, 3rd Floor
New Orleans, LA 70130
504.799.0116 - O
504.581.1630 - F

668 Distributors Row Suite D
Harahan,LA 70123
Line Prod - Jason Hewitt
Prod Supervisor Oley Sassone
Laura Rosaly -Production Coordinator

UPM: Chris Morgan
POC: Deb Kaufmann
4001 Division St.
Metairie LA
318.918.1776 (production office)
504.889.9767 (production fax)

Scared Productions, LLC
Matt Leonetti-UPM
Jenn Ray-POC
300 Jefferson Hwy, Suite 202
Jefferson, LA 70121
504-832-9940 office
504-832-9941 fax
Starts ~Oct. 14

Television Pilot
Apartment 3B Productions
3000 Olympic Blvd, Ste 2436
Santa Monica, CA 90404
310.264.4264 P
- Show is set here, but no word yet if it is actually going to film here. Let's try to convince them.

NOLA Rising
Yellow Brick Road Inc
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg 1320, Ste 2A
Universal City, CA 91608
818.777.7758 - P
818.866.4064 - F
- Like Broken this pilot is set in NOLA, but no word yet they are actually going to film here.

Delta Blues
Smokehouse Pictures
12001 Ventura Place, Suite 200
Studio City, CA 91604
818.432.0330 - P
818.432.0337 - F

Dunning Productions Inc
915 Lakeshore Blvd E
2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M4M3L5
416.778.7777 - P
416.778.4777 - F
LP: Jake Myers
UPM: Whitney Brown
- Shooting Toronto and New Orleans.

Also coming:
- Rumored large project to Baton Rouge
- James Gunn's Super. Shooting Shreveport I believe.
- Drive Angry, another Millennium film in The Shreve.

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