The Vehicle Meets a State Trooper

The beast of a car comes down the highway.

Modified all to hell and clearly hauling ass from one place to another: big giant engine coming out and a front grill which looks like it is about to participate in a demolition derby.

The State Trooper looking at the car doesn’t know whether to laugh or piss his pants in fear since he knows there is no way in hell he is going to be able to stop this vehicle.

Then the vehicle shifts and the State Trooper realizes there is going to be a collision between the two of them. He scrambles to find and figure out how to get out of the way, but the seconds go by way to fast and the vehicle clips his car.

The speed and the construction of the vehicle creates an impact which sends the State Trooper’s car careening up the slope on the side of the road crushing it into trees.

He can’t call out on the radio. It just won’t work for him. As the shock takes further hold of him, the State Trooper tries to figure out how and why this just happened.

The vehicle continues on its run.

Copyright 2010 by Casey Moore

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A Saturday Night 10.23.10

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Man of Action: The Terrible Cosmic Death


Warren Ellis on Lee Marvin

From this great piece by Warren Ellis on movies featuring retired agents coming back to work:

Lee Marvin was already 44 when he made Point Blank, and Marvin came out of the womb with the face of an ancient bar brawler who chewed through the wall of the old people's home every Saturday night to hunt whisky.

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Raylen Givens Anger Quote

Raylan, you do a good job of hiding it. And I s'pose most folks don't see it, but honestly, your the angriest man I have ever known.

- Winona Hawkins



Little Lovin - Lissie

Appalachian farmer
Noted charmer
Forgot the field

Mississippi moonchild
Drivin’ him wild
Forgot to yield

IO-way hey day
Day dreamin’ someday
Be better off

By Georgia pinin’ declinin’
To its death in a Florida swamp

I gotta lotta lovin’
I gotta lotta lovin’
I gotta lotta love in my heart
I’m gonna get to heaven
I’m gonna get to heaven
I’m gonna get to heaven alright

Fightin’ illini
Makin’ me cry in a cornfield
Cross the nation patient
Pass the waiting with a warm meal

Tenne saw what you see
Arkan I can’t I be calm
Hollywood’s old darlin’
Gonna move to n’arleans
Singin’ psalms

I gotta lotta lovin’
I gotta lotta lovin’
I gotta lotta love in my heart
I’m gonna get to heaven
I’m gonna count to seven
I’m gonna get to heaven alright

Why you runnin’...
Why you runnin’ my life…

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Current Notebook

Pics of my "flawed" notebook I took to send to Moleskine:

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Boring Photos from Work

Just random pictures at and around work. Nothing exciting. Just documenting stuff around me as well as myself.

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Three Shots of the Moon

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Outside My Offices

Some images from outside where my offices are in the Harahan/Elmwood area:

The glamour of the film business for you right there. The night shot was taken last night. Everything else I took today.

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My Wall Behind Me At Work

Eric Powell Preview image from the new IDW Godzilla:

Couple of Batman related things since Batman 3 is rumored to shoot here next year:

Poster from the Leverage Writers Room which I put up in every office:

Cover to a new issue of Brian Woods' DMZ:

Paul Pope cover to Silver Surfer:

This is what it actually looks like:

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NOLA Production Spaces: Nelson Building

The Nelson Building at 1231/1215 Prytania St. Lots of film and tv productions have been located in the 1231 Prytania side. Some in the 1215 side. All one building just two entrances. No idea how or why this has become a production hub.

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Kenner Movie Theaters

Pictures taken Sunday, October 17, 2010.

Hollywood Cinemas 9. I can't remember what this theater was when it opened (what chain). I remember is it the first theater I ever saw with digital sound. The manager came down and gave a presentation before we watched the midnight screening of Jurassic Park.

Right now it is the only operating theater in Kenner, La. Pretty much the only place to watch Bollywood films in the New Orleans Metro Area that I know of. Problem is the theater is absolutely horrible on the inside with way too small chairs, disrepair, and just plain dirty.

For awhile they had up signs of the renovations they were going to make to the place, but it never happened. I have heard different stories for why the renovations didn't happen. I know the Solomon Family (who renovated and own The Theaters in Canal Place) had been talking last year about putting a theater out in the same area by Esplanade Mall, but so far nothing has come of it.

The old United Artists theater. Again, used to be a pretty nice place, but was shut down. I have always wanted to see someone turn it into a Brew And View/Alamo Drafthouse type place (sort of like the Alamo Drafthouse which was by our last apartment in Austin, TX which had a nice mix of art films and regular studio releases).

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Birds on a Wire in Kenner

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Terriers Theme Song

Caught a ride with trickster and a javelin man

To a town down by the sea

Steel Neena was a girl who set me free, she said

I lay my soul out down to bleed

Hell, no, son
Aint gonna get the gun
Seen a lotta things
And the've only just begun
'Cause the minute they speak
Is the minute that I run
Ten clicks south to the border station

I said, "Hey, hey, son
I'm gonna get you sprung
Just keep on looking
For the sallyport punk"
'Cause the minute he speaks
Is the minute that you run
Fresh set of wheels
And I'll see you at the don

Past thirty second
And the bakers got a bun
Sweatin' that my Neena's
Gonna get attention
Living on the lam is like living on the sun
Try to make it to Ysidro
Where I'm gonna be done

Caught a ride with trickster and a javelin man

To a town down by the sea

Steel Neena was a girl who set me free, she said

I lay my soul out down to bleed

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Pumpkins at Whole Foods

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