Books in 2010

The Big Con
When the Shooting Stops ... The Cutting Begins
The Scarlet Ruse
The Turquoise Lament
A Voyage for Madmen
The Dreadful Lemon Sky
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Empty Copper Sea
The Strain
Gone Tomorrow
The Hard Way
World War Z
The Fall
True Grit

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Modernist School New Orleans

Modernist school closed up and falling down next to Willie Mae's in New Orleans:

Going to have to go back another day and take more pics and try and find the story of the school and the architect who designed it. Reminds me of the Sarasota School of Modernist Architecture.

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Train Pic

Didn't come out as well as I wanted it to, but its better than I thought it was:

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