The Wrestler, Within The Ring


Our last location and the site of our wrap party:

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Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven

Christopher Doyle: Filming in the Neon World


Always Too Many

At Chalmette National Cemetery:

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Mississippi River at Chalmette Battlefield

Fort Macomb

Carcosa from True Detective. We also shot The Expendables there:

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River Road Drive

We decided yesterday to take a drive along River Road. We drove up to Destrehan and looked at the plantation there; and, then, we went over the Luling Bridge to drive the River Road on the West Bank. We got up to Oak Alley Plantation and then drove back to the bridge by Gramercy and came down the East Bank side.

St. John The Baptist Church:

These buildings were right down the road from the church:

St. Joseph Plantation and its sister were used in the movie 12 Years A Slave:

We found this Chia Truck near Reserve:

The world's scariest day care was right next to the truck:

Something we learned on our drive: there is nowhere open to eat on River Road on a Sunday. Next time we will bring a picnic.

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The Secrets of Legendary Film Directors


David Milch at The Writers Guild Foundation

Silent Clowns

Birth of Hollywood

Sal's Sno-Balls

The beginning of the 2014 Summer Sno-Ball crawl (we might even make t-shirts):

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Black Widow #3

Great cover (in a series filled with great covers):

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My Current Resume/Credits

As always, more can be found at IMDB, but this is a list of my current resume/credits:

Mind Puppets - Locations Assistant
Independent Feature Film

Ravenswood - APOC
ABC Family Series - Season 1

Una Vida - Production Coordinator
Independent Feature Film

Second Sight - APOC
CBS Pilot

Remember Sunday - Locations Assistant
Hallmark MOW

Boulevard H - Production Coordinator
Independent Feature Film

White Rabbit - Production Coordinator
Independent Feature Film

Nothing to Fear - APOC
Independent Feature Film

Common Law - Production Secretary
USA TV Series - Season 1
2011 - 2012

Hide - Production Secretary

Ricochet - Production Secretary

Memphis Beat - Production Secretary
TNT Series - Season 2

Worst. Prom. Ever. - Office PA

On The Road - Office PA
Feature Film

Memphis Beat - Production Secretary
TNT Series - Season 1

If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise - Key Office PA
HBO Documentary

The Mechanic - Production Secretary
Millennium Feature Film

The Expendables - Production Secretary
Millennium Feature Film

Alabama Moon - Office PA
Independent Feature Film

The Final Destination - Production Secretary
New Line Feature Film

Welcome to Academia - APOC
Independent Feature Film

Racing For Time - Office PA
Lifetime MOW

Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Accounting Assistant
Warner Bros/Paramount Feature Film
2006 - 2007

Life Is Not A Fairy Tale - Office PA
Lifetime MOW

The Riches - Office PA
FX TV Pilot

Labou - Production Coordinator
Independent Feature Film
2005 - 2006

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Three Cinema Lessons From Krzysztof Kieslowski

Foundation 38: Jackson Palmer

Hanging Out In The 9th Ward Last Night

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9th Ward Studios

The Making of Black Swan

The Cinematography of Matthew Libatique


The Creature From The Black Lagoon Kiss

From Silver Springs State Park, the Creature from the Black Lagoon plants one on his main squeeze:

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Paul Thomas Anderson - Every Whip Pan

Jean-Pierre Melville, Loneliness & Death of Man

Phedon Papamichael: A Life Behind The Lens

Pure NOLA Americana

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Hurrican Evacuation Point

Need a ride out of town during a hurricane evacuation point, then look for one of these guys:

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Palmer Park

First location yesterday:

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Gordon Willis


Sunday Sazerac

One of the best sazeracs I have ever had (at the High Hat Cafe on Freret Street):

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Samuel Fuller Interviews

thefilmbook: Harris Savides Interview

The Cinematography of Jeff Cronenweth

Film Courage: Duplass Brothers

The Cinematography of Harris Savides

Brian De Palma: Shot By Shot

Movies in 2014

1. The Hot Rock
2. The Valley Of Gwangi
3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
4. To Have And Have Not
5. The Third Man
6. Below
7. It Happened One Night
8. State And Main
9. Furious 6
10. Vengeance
11. Running Scared (1986)
12. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
13. The Thing From Another World
14. Matilda
15. The Shaolin Temple
16. The Avengers
17. The Raid
18. In The Heat Of The Night
19. Dillinger
20. The Mission (Johnnie To Film)
21. Odds Against Tomorrow
22. Outrage
23. My Name Is Nobody
24. The Wolverine
25. Fulltime Killer
26. Muppets From Space
27. The Man With The Iron Fists
28. Mad Detective
29. Batman Returns
30. Riddick
31. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
32. Captain Phillips
33. The Lego Movie
34. Now You See Me
35. Bull Durham
36. Nebraska
37. Big Trouble In Little China
38. Death Rides A Horse
39. Zero Effect
40. The Mercenary
41. A Fistful Of Dollars
42. World War Z
43. Batman
44. Monte Walsh (1970)
45. Ride The High Country
46. The 13th Warrior
47. Nothing Left To Fear
48. Raiders of the Lost Ark
49. Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
50. The Ballad of Cable Hogue
51. Mud
52. Stagecoach
53. Kill Bill Vol. 2
54. Iron Man Three
55. Dallas Buyers Club
56. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
57. Looking for Richard
58. Fort Apache
59. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
60. 12 Years A Slave
61. Dead Man
62. Macbeth (Welles)
63. Dragonslayer
64. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
65. Pacific Rim
66. American Hustle
67. About Time

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Majestic Mortuary

The Amazing Years of Cinema: The Westerns

Oretha Castle Haley Blvd Between 1 & 2 AM


Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro

My City At Night



The Cinematography of Roger Deakins

The Writer Speaks: Paul Mazursky

Oretha Castle Haley Blvd Today

Outtakes From A Fistful of Dollars


Fists of Fire - Shaw Brothers Documentary

Film Courage: Jay Duplass

Dublin & Oak

Anshe Sfard Synagogue

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Where I started my morning today:

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Camera Three: A Primer for '2001: A Space Odyssey

Video can be found here:

Rare television special which aired on May 5, 1970 in Canada. It is hosted by Keir Dullea and sees Dullea reading some of the cut out narration from 2001 that Kubrick decided not to use. It features scenes from 2001 and it was recorded in New York City. It was written by Stephan Chodorov, and produced and directed by John Musilli.

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Kevin Spacey on How Richard III Speaks To Audiences Today

Kevin Spacey on Richard III


Blue Ruin: Anatomy of a Scene w/ Director Jeremy Saulnier

The Spielberg Oner: One Scene; One Shot

Sergio Leone: The Way I See Things

The Making of Once Upon A Time In The West

Hospitals Are Creepy in Black and White



The Making of The Searchers

Sunrise at Wrap

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Blue Lights



Spike Lee on Ace In The Hole

The Road to Bresson

The Making Of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

My night

Set Life (this is a picture car):

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Books in 2014

1. A Dance At The Slaughterhouse
2. A Walk Among The Tombstones
3. The Devil Knows You're Dead
4. Bandits
5. Slam The Big Door
6. The Red Pony
7. Callaghen
8. Dirty White Boys

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