Peter Bogdanovich on F for Fake

Ray Winstone on Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Aurora 7 - NASA Documentary about the US Space Program & Project Mercury

Freedom 7 / Project Mercury - 1961 NASA Manned Space Program Documentary

Friendship 7 - NASA / US Space Program & Astronaut John Glenn Educational Documentary


Variety Artisans: The Sound of 'Fury'

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Movies in 2014

1. The Hot Rock
2. The Valley Of Gwangi
3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
4. To Have And Have Not
5. The Third Man
6. Below
7. It Happened One Night
8. State And Main
9. Furious 6
10. Vengeance
11. Running Scared (1986)
12. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
13. The Thing From Another World
14. Matilda
15. The Shaolin Temple
16. The Avengers
17. The Raid
18. In The Heat Of The Night
19. Dillinger
20. The Mission (Johnnie To Film)
21. Odds Against Tomorrow
22. Outrage
23. My Name Is Nobody
24. The Wolverine
25. Fulltime Killer
26. Muppets From Space
27. The Man With The Iron Fists
28. Mad Detective
29. Batman Returns
30. Riddick
31. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
32. Captain Phillips
33. The Lego Movie
34. Now You See Me
35. Bull Durham
36. Nebraska
37. Big Trouble In Little China
38. Death Rides A Horse
39. Zero Effect
40. The Mercenary
41. A Fistful Of Dollars
42. World War Z
43. Batman
44. Monte Walsh (1970)
45. Ride The High Country
46. The 13th Warrior
47. Nothing Left To Fear
48. Raiders of the Lost Ark
49. Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
50. The Ballad of Cable Hogue
51. Mud
52. Stagecoach
53. Kill Bill Vol. 2
54. Iron Man Three
55. Dallas Buyers Club
56. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
57. Looking for Richard
58. Fort Apache
59. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
60. 12 Years A Slave
61. Dead Man
62. Macbeth (Welles)
63. Dragonslayer
64. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
65. Pacific Rim
66. American Hustle
67. About Time
68. The Searchers
69. Labor Day
70. Solomon Kane
71. How To Train Your Dragon 2
72. R.I.P.D.
73. Pain And Gain
74. The Wolf Man
75. Frankenstein (1931)
76. All Monsters Attack aka Godzilla's Revenge
77. Joint Security Area
78. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
79. Terror of MechaGodzilla
80. From Russia With Love
81. Goldfinger
82. Thunderball
83. You Only Live Twice
84. The Bride of Frankenstein
85. Son of Frankenstein
86. The Mummy
87. The Ghost of Frankenstein
88. House of Frankenstein
89. Hulk
90. Guardians of the Galaxy
91. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
92. The World's End
93. The Thin Man
94. His Girl Friday
95. Miami Vice
96. The Mummy
97. The Mummy Returns
98. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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BFI's 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer



From Mentorless:

My relationship with movies had reached a point where I felt I needed a trial separation. I would hate for people to think that it was out of some sense of, ‘Oh, I’ve figured it out.’ It wasn’t that; it was actually the opposite. It was, I’ve just reached a point where I’m not sure how to get to another level with this in terms of my abilities. I feel there’s another iteration in terms of my relationship with cinema, but I don’t know what it is. All I know is there has to be something else, and until I can figure that out, I’m going to step off because I don’t want to go to work feeling stuck. And the good news is that I’ve been able to work on The Knick and have a lot of fun and continue to learn, while in the background I’m thinking about my relationship to cinema and whether or not there is another version of me that can evolve and come back. I didn’t know at the time of Che what I would be doing in five years would turn out to be TV, but I just knew it wasn’t going to be movies. And now the only area of growth in the entire entertainment industry is one-hour original content. That’s exploding, while everything else is shrinking. So from a Guild standpoint, that means we now have to be especially diligent about how directors who work in that medium are being treated both economically and creatively, because that’s become a real power base. And now I’m part of that world as well.”

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Masterclass with Darren Aronofsky

Find the whole thing at Mentorless:

“You definitely need to be a bit obsessive to make a film, but that doesn’t mean you need to be obsessed all the time. When you get an idea, thousands of people will say no to you before it gets done, in all different times and ways. So I think more than obsessive, what drives me is the passion for the characters, for the story, sometimes for a shot.The first draft I wrote of The Fountain, I pumped it out very quickly and I wrote the scene of the flower coming out of the conquistador’s mouth and him exploding with the flowers, and I just knew I just wanted to do it. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I wanted to see it done and executed. So when the fifth person of that day said ‘no’ I remember getting that and going through it. Is that obsessiveness? I don’t know, it’s not the only thing that you think about. You think about so many other things but it’s obsessive to an idea and holding on to a project. I think that’s a bit part of it, it’s being stead fast with a project. Persistance maybe is more?”

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