Steve McQueen as Travis McGee

Tell me this doesn't look like it should be from a lost Travis McGee movie:

Found through this post on Steve McQueen and dune buggies.


Current Wallpaper

Thomas Crown:

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A Paragraph - Water Lapped

I don't know what this will be. I just wanted to write it tonight:

Water lapped at the boat as it held its position right there in the beginning of the Gulf with the barrier islands and brackish water behind them. The men moved around the boat mixing drinks without spilling despite the rocking from the Gulf waves bouncing to and from the first land they had ever encountered. The boy sat at the very tip of the bow of the boat with his feet dangling over the side hoping for the saltwater to splash on him some as he looked out into the Gulf and wondered what it would be like to hop off and just start swimming out into all of that wide open water.

Copyright 2010 by Casey Moore

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Doctor Who Human Quote


- The Doctor
from The Beast Below


Supernatural Drinking Quote

I found a liquor store. And I drank it.

- Cas



Books in 2010

The Big Con
When the Shooting Stops ... The Cutting Begins
The Scarlet Ruse
The Turquoise Lament
A Voyage for Madmen
The Dreadful Lemon Sky

And I love this paragraph:

At drinking time I left Meyer at the wheel and went below and broke out the very last bottle of the Plymouth gin which had been bottled in the United Kingdom. All the others were bottled in the U.S. Gin People, it isn't the same. It's still a pretty good gin but it is not a superb, stingingly dry, and lovely gin. The sailer on the label no longer looks staunch and forthright, but merely hokey. There is something self-destructive about Western technology and distribution. Whenever a consumer object is so excellent that it attracts a devoted following, some of the slide rule and computer types come in on their twinkle toes and take over the store, and in a trice they figure out just how far they can cut quality and still increase market penetration. Their reasoning is that it is idiotic to make and sell a hundred thousand units of something and make a profit of thirty cents a unit, when you can increase the advertising, sell five million units, and make a nickel profit a unit. Thus the very good things of the world go down the drain, from honest turkey to honest eggs to honest tomatoes. And gin.

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Superman Piece

This will get longer. At some point I want to turn it into a full fledged comic script. Right now I call it the Superman piece, but it really is just supposed to be a Superman like hero. In fact, when I first was imagining it, the balling of the fists was to be where the force to fly came from (energy or rockets - I couldn't decide). But this is the start. A lot of my writing starts from small scenes like this and then the story develops:

He could hear the cries.

He looked around. No one was really in the mall yet.

He looked up.

"Straight up out the skylights."

He knew the property damage would be severe. The skylights weren't going to be the only thing destroyed. Probably all the glass around and some the structure as well. He was going to have to go way beyond supersonic from the ground.

But no one being around meant a minimum rick to humans.

He look up and balled his fists.

"Up, up and away."

Copyright 2010 Casey Moore

Yes, this song was playing at the mall when it came to mind:

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