Gustav Evac

Lot of people from Houma here in Starkville, MS. We should use this as recruitment for State.

A four-and-a-half hour trip turned into eight-and-a-half hours yesterday. Ended up getting off of I-55 at McComb and taking 51 to another highway to 35 and took 35 north until it ran into 25. Glad we at the last minute decided to take 55 instead of our normal route through Hattiesburg and Meridian. It was taking people four hours to go what normally takes 20-30 minutes.

Phones are working intermittently for us. Takes a few times but calls are going through eventually.

Trying to find info on Lafourche Parish especially South Lafourche. Staying with our friend Rebecca who is from there originally and have a house full of people from there. Hard to get info.

Killed me yesterday when we were on I-55 and I saw four lanes of my people running north. Yet again we have to flee our homes. But at least we get to see our disasters coming. I love when people elsewhere ask why we live here. We se ethe hurricane several days out. Your don't see or get a warning from an earthquake or terrorist attack and you barely get a warning for a tornado. And fires, well you may be able to see them, but you can't survive fire; you can swim in water.

Xeni Jardin called this Twitter's first news test. It really is. Getting a lot of info and links from twitter.

Hoping we can go back Wednesday. We will watch and make sure the levees hold. If they do tomorrow, we will get up and drive down Wednesday.

Blackwater is already got ads out for mercenaries to come down to post-Gustav south. Bastards.

What is this going to do to the film industry in New Orleans?



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