Rian Johnson - More on the Red Camera

Johnson updates his original article:

This is a second draft of this article. As we were ammending the first draft to address new arguments, we found that it was becoming mired in what could be an endless back and forth over technical definitions and minutia. So we're going to zoom back, take a breath, and refocus this piece on what was meant to be the original point of it in the first place:

There is a lot of hype right now about Red camera outperforming high-end HD cameras and even 35mm film cameras. We're going to tell you why we think it's just that -- hype.

We'd like to stress that we're not saying that Red is a bad camera. What we WILL do in this article, though, is take a sober look at the technical realities of digital imaging for cinema and show why the Red One camera does not, in our opinion, top high-end HD cameras like F23, F35, and Genesis.



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