4Gen Bond Villains

From Matt Jones:

So - for a “4th generation warfare” supervillain there aren’t even objects for the production designer to create and imbue with personality. The effects and the consequences can be illustrated by the storytelling, but the network and the intent can’t be foreshadowed by environments and objects in the impressionist way that Adam employed to support character and storytelling.

But - what about materialising, visualising these invisible networks in order to do so?

And this piece makes me think, as much as I loved Casion Royale to reboot the Bond franchise, how great could the next Bond be if they had a director and crew who truy immersed them selves in that world. In some ways Ken Adams and Terence Young were proto versions of Immersive Design (if I am getting the idea of that theory somewhat correct) - method production if you will.

But the new generation Bond villain does need to be mobile and wired in and using next generation/theorized tech. Stuff from 5 minutes in the future. He doesn't need a lair anymore he just needs a country he can operate from and maybe a plane to get him around in - and it doesn't have to be the same plane either, why have one that an agency can track when you can have several giving agencies headaches (even better if you have several stealth, supersonic luxury jets - such as Miranda Zero's in Global Frequency)

If I ever got the chance to direct a Bond movie, the first thing I would do would be to review the books, then I would have to gather up certain writers and thinkers and start hashing out what that world would look like. It couldn't just be another gig, it would have to be the gig; the one where you go all out and nothing is spared.

There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table.

- Vesper Lynd
Casino Royale

If only to prevent something like this
(and to aid in the "authenticity" of what Bond is trying to do:

i only looked at this because wee Cal took a notion to dress up as the Ledger Joker for a party and I'm trying to tell the wife of my bosom that the purple tailed suit is not worn by this incarnation of the character. It's a four page preview of a one-off book by Azarello and Bermejo. It looks all very overdrawn and hideous; the wine is made from the same substance as the shrimps and there's a nauseous quality to it all which I suspect is not so much intentional as the artist's normal view of the world. Note that the Joker's coat folds right over left in the universal manner of women's coats instead of that of menswear, left over right. I apologise for picking on this artist, but I see the same problem all over the place. It can happen because the artist is looking in a mirror, but the overwhelming reason in the last twenty years is that comic book artists generally speaking, though there are a few fashion plates to give exception to the rule, are the worst dressed people in the world who mostly get around in t-shirts and draw people in leotards. Editors too, otherwise somebody would have picked up the mistake. The only other explanation is that it's intentional, in which case I'm full of baloney*. But if I arrived at the pub with a coat like that, somebody would have ridiculed me, probably Evans. Everybody else in the room has their coat open, and if I had done it intentionally I'd have made sure the reader knew it by showing all the others folding the opposite way.

Because I really, really enjoyed Quantum of Solace. And Forster has some great ideas. But he needed a steadier hand and maybe if he was someone who could drive an Aston Martin at high speeds, and dress well, and beat the crap out of another human it might have come out even better. But, he always comes off to me as the director really wanting to be an artist, rather than a director in love with the Bond films and world.

Notice this keeps getting longer.

A real place partially inspired by Bond villain lairs.
In the current Bond incarnation I would see this as just being one of many places a Bond villain would have. And all information would be eliminated as the SAS or Royal Marines took it down.

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