Rio Bravo Behind the Scenes

All of these are from AintItCool.com:

"And boy what a pic. Hawks, rocking a cowboy and looking up at the unbelievably hot young Angie Dickinson. Can I hear an amen?

Rio Bravo was a flick I came to rather late (covering it early in my run of A Movie A Day), but one that I was on-board with after the opening scene that tells us everything we need to know about Dean Martin’s Dude and John Wayne’s Sheriff John T. Chance without one word of dialogue spoken.

The flick is a master class in western filmmaking. Hawks plays with western iconography and archetypes and makes it so damn timelessly entertaining. Walter Brennan’s worth a watch by himself even if you ignore Dean Martin’s surprisingly layered turn as the town drunk, Wayne at his most cocksure and Dickinson as her most hottie-hotness."

From AintItCool:

"I dig everything about this picture; John Wayne’s intense respect, Dean Martin playing with his gun and Ricky Nelson… well, looking like he knows he doesn’t really belong among such company."

From Aint It Cool News:

"Angie Dickinson was possibly the hottest woman on the planet when she shot Rio Bravo with Howard Hawks, John Wayne, Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson. And I don’t mean just in physical attractiveness, either. Her personality shows through in every frame and I can vouch for that now since I spent Saturday morning sitting down with her discussing this film.

She is still adorable, confident and spunky to an unbelievably awesome amount (for instance, at one point we talk about Point Blank and she says “oh, what a great film… until they fucked up the ending”). That’s what makes her character, Feathers, so great in Rio Bravo; what makes her able to stand up to John Wayne so well."

All text from Quint/Eric Vespe at AICN.

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