Random Thoughts on Marketing A Film Online

Social Media is not just Twitter and Facebook or even Google +.

From what I have seen, many producers and directors don’t understand the Internet and Social Media and how to use these tools as a way to market their films. They think sending out some messages on Twitter and having specific Twitter and Facebook account for their project is enough.

The problem is these are just two resources.

Google of course favors their own social media over all others. So it is important to have a Google + account. It is important to be on YouTube.

Also, many indie filmmakers and short filmmakers seem to prefer one video platform over another. This is wrong. Trailer and shorts should be made available on Vimeo and YouTube as well as Daily Motion and any other video platform.

Also, a there should be a dedicated webpage for a project or at the least for a production company.

Indie filmmakers also need to learn about film sites. Not sires that play films, but those that cover films. Sites such as AintItCool, SlashFilm, CHUD, BadassDigest, Bleeding Cool, The Playlist, Film School Rejects, Pajiba, etc, etc. You want to get writers and critics to be fans of a film so that they will advocate it to their readers and followers. These sites are the equivalent to what the magazines were in the 60’s and 70’s. Only now instead of competing to get in two a few magazines, filmmakers are competing to get seen by multiple sites.

Also, short filmmakers and no budget filmmakers need to work to get on IMDB. For low budget filmmakers, this should mean inviting out local press or doing whatever they need to do to get covered by the local press. This helps with getting a non studio feature on IMDB.

Producers and filmmakers need to learn that the random hit of their project can be helpful. Someone looking through a cast member or crew member’s IMDB page can lead to that person being interested in the project and then hunting for it online. This is also why it is important to have as much info and video out there about the project, in case someone is doing a search and their keywords bring up the project, this could lead to that person becoming interested as well.

There is no guarantee of success. But the more a project is out there, the better chance it has of becoming known or at the least leading to more projects. The key is to be found. Them ore eyes on a project the better.

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