Virgin Galactic: Your Journey To Space Starts October 2013

I want to be more excited for this. It is a nice, inspiring video. But right now, 97% of NASA employees are at home because of the government shutdown. NASA's budget is less than most warship or war plane development budgets.

But NASA is hope. NASA gave us our world, our universe, and our future.

Private space companies so far are only going into low earth orbit. They are basically doing the same thing the Mercury Program did. We need to be bolder and reaching out. We need to be going back to the Moon and developing a way to get to Mars. I want to see NASA and Private space companies doing this. I want to see a private space station. I would love to see the space station equivalent of Bell Labs.

It is the 55th birthday of NASA, and we as a people are sadly still stuck with just the one world to travel.

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