What Do You Want To Do?

One of the first questions I ask PA's is: what do you want to do?

I ask this question because I want to see if there is a way for me to help them learn what they need to move to the department they want. Office PA or Set PA is usually the first step into the world of production. It is the gateway to every other department. I have said it before, but doing well in a PA position is the way to get recommended to work in other departments.

Like starting any other job, you should have a clear goal of what you want to do ultimately. And you shouldn't be afraid to articulate it to any and all around you. This is the way to get connected to those who can teach you the skills you need to achieve your goal.

The problem comes with not having any set idea of where you want to be or what you want to ultimately do. There are a lot of production bums in this business.These are people who just like working in a business where they can wear whatever they want to work and have plenty of time off. That is fine. But there is really nowhere to go with that.

For those starting out in this business, have an idea of what the department are and where you want to go and what you want to do in this business. There are plenty of resources available now that will tell you what each department and each member of a department does. The PA's who most impress me are the ones who have a clear goal.

Don't be afraid of telling others what that goal is. I am honest when people ask me what I want to ultimately do: I want to be a Producer-Director-Writer. I want to be on the creative side. But until something sells, I have to have a way to support my family, so I work in the business I love. Plus this is a way for me to learn. I learn what it takes to manage and put together productions of all sizes and types. Too many people I see enter this business with big goals, and then quickly scale them down either because of fear or laziness. If it is your goal, stick to it and don't give up on it.

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