Nola.com Survey on Movie Theaters

My response to the NOLA.com survey on movie theaters:

Look at the way the Alamo Drafthouse is run. start copying it. Don't allow any talking or texting during a movie. Patrons get one warning and then are thrown out. No children or babies allowed in films that are clearly meant for adults or those older.

Show a diverse selection of films. From mainstream fair to art house to foreign films to revivals. Theaters are actually getting better and better with this, but I would love to be able to hop on down to the Grande Theater in Kenner on a weekday when I am off to see an old movie. It would also be nice to have mini local film fests or screening series the way Canal Place, Prytania, and Indywood have been doing. I would love to see a NOLA set film series. A lot of theaters could have done a great set of screenings leading up to the new Captain America. And screenings where someone knowledgeable gives a brief introduction to why the film is being shown.

Have a staff that is knowledgeable about films. Yes, I know it is a minimum wage job, but if you are going to spend the money to build and run a theater then you should care about films and filmmaking and you should want your staff to care about those things as well.

Concessions have gotten better in the last few years, and it is nice to see theaters offering more alcoholic beverages. Props to all the local theaters for getting better at this.

I would also love to see all the local theaters working more with local filmmakers for screenings. Indywood is doing great screenings of locally created content. It would be nice to see other theaters really embrace this, including the megaplexes.

There is still no better way to see a movie than on a big screen in a theater with others. Sorry, the at home experience will never be that good except for the ultra rich. I love going to the movie theaters, and I don't see myself stopping anytime. I just want going to the movie theater to be an even better experience.

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