DP/30: Paul Mazursky

Paul Mazursky died today.

Found this series of videos through The Playlist:

When you’re doing things all at the same time in the movie, when you’re laughing, you’re happy, you’re amused, you don’t like anything and suddenly… you find yourself very moved. 
That’s what Chekhov does. He has five people talking about different things at the same time. “I want to go to Moscow; we’re going to Moscow,” “I had a stomach ache this morning.” “Do you eat corn flakes?” “Have you ever been to Siberia?” “Have you ever read this book?” Suddenly somebody farts. And at the end you hear a shot ring out and someone has killed himself. And you hear the wind. Life going on. 
The more real it is, the better it is. It’s everything at once.

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