Proof of Life

Going to try and do this on at least a weekly basis. I am sure it will fail spectacularly. Pretty much back to the beginning of blogging with these posts. Hopefully, every Sunday morning I will do one of these as just a where I am and what I am doing update.

Currently reading The Silkworm and The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I haven't watched much of anything lately movie wise. I was mainlining Leverage before going back to work. The monkey and I are working through my Smallville DVD sets since he found those. We are currently on season 2. And, last night I watched an episode of Columbo because there is this great pull for me for those classic seventies detective shows.

I started work on The Astronaut Wives Club this week. The monkey is very happy since he listened to the book on WRBH. He says he can help with the scripts and episodes. So happy to finally have work again, and to have work for a nice long time. Six months at my real rate. That relieves a lot of pressure, plus it is a show with content that I am excited for. Of course I started it on Monday, and also had a lovely head cold to go with it.

Still writing on Rougarou. I need to finish the draft I am on so I can start all over and make the changes I see need to be made. Started a thing I am calling Vice for now. Also, want to jump back into writing my P.I. stories. And parts of Gangsta Sunday keep bubbling up into my mind (need to do some writing in that notebook today).

I also want to write a thing on Akira Kurosawa and Shakespeare. I started making an Amazon list for it yesterday. I am nothing if not overly ambitious in the time I have to read and write and watch films.

You should go subscribe to Warren Ellis' Orbital Operations newsletter since it is much better than this. Also read his Morning Computer.

Still hot here in New Orleans. It will stay that way for awhile. I need to get into the French Quarter to walk around and feel the history everywhere.

I really want to start doing a podcast, but it is hard for me to pick one topic and a name. If I had gone to Canton, MS or Greenwood, MS for work it would have been about those areas. Since I am here, not sure what it will be about. Still thinking on it and making notes.

Now to go drink some coffee and listen to Teddy Pendergass' Life Is A Song Worth Singing while looking up more info.

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