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Books stacked for me or what I am reading right now:

Around the World in 80 Days
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
In The Blink of An Eye
Sailing Alone Around the World

Saw a pic in Vanity Fair of some of the cast from RockNRolla in Victorian era garb. Cool pic, but I can't find a copy online.

Watch The Great Train Robbery last night:

Doctor Who on the brain today. First thing I saw that I really paid attention to this morning. Here are some images from the new comic:

Re-read Gotham by Gaslight last night. Good story, but it definately good have been longer. Makes me really want to read From Hell.

The book is almost always better than the movie. You could have no better case in point than FROM HELL, Alan Moore's best graphic novel to date, brilliantly illustrated by Eddie Campbell. It's hard to describe just how much better the book is. It's like, "If the movie was an episode of Battlestar Galactica with a guest appearance by the Smurfs and everyone spoke Dutch, the graphic novel is Citizen Kane with added sex scenes and music by your favourite ten bands and everyone in the world you ever hated dies at the end." That's how much better it is.

- Warren Ellis

Paul Pope also on the mind a lot lately. His artwork is pretty great. For some reason lately that messy, fuzzy line work comic art is really sticking with me a lot more than the traditional comic art. Doubt I could fit into any of his new Diesel line of clothes, but still love his work:

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