Hip Hop Is Alive

Hip Hop Is Alive

 It's not just poetry. It's not just art. It's not just black or white, rich or poor ... It's a movement and it lives in us all.

Hip Hop Is Alive, a stage play by storyteller Davida Chanel, will debut at the 2011 New Orleans Fringe Festival at Cafe Instanbul in the New Orleans Healing Arts Center (located on 2732 St. Claude). Show times will be: Nov 16th at 9 pm; Nov 18th at 11 pm; Nov 19th at 7 pm; and Nov 20th at 5 pm. The production features a set of vignettes dissecting stereotypes about the music genre by delving into its lyrical core. Actors portray scenes common to the overall human experience with dialogue taken primarily from Hip hop songs. Infused with dynamic dance performances &  a featured DJ nightly, this play asks us to open our minds about hip hop.

 "I grew up enthralled with poetry from greats like Nikki Giovanni and Maya Engelou," said Chanel. "As I grew, I found myself more attracted to the poetry and prose offerings of true hip hop artists. This play is an attempt to show how these poetic lyrics can apply to life scenarios we all face; regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic background." 

The 2011 New Orleans Fringe Festival, November 16-20, will be an extraordinary five-day spectacle of theater and performance art. Fifty groups from New orleans and around the country will be presenting over 150 show in venues across the city. Cafe Instanbul is a 3,800 square foot, handicap-accessible performance hall with a mission of fostering, encouraging, and promoting the performing arts in New Orleans. From its inception, Cafe Instanbul has been designed to be a top-notch platform for local artists making it the perfect venue to host this powerful production. For more information on Cafe Instanbul and the Fringe Festival: www.nofringe.org.

 Davida Chanel works in the film and television industry in Louisiana. She is currently on the USA series Common Law. The Plaquemine, LA native is a graduate of Southern University and the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. She is a member of the Melanated Writer's Group of New Orleans and the New Orleans Film Society.

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