Mississippi State Creed

The Mississippi State Creed

“It began atop the untilled soil of Mississippi.
The burden of breaking the soil lay of diligent men,
A burden lifted by sweat and steadfastness,
Evidence that a man is only good as his day is long
And revealing the merit of companionship against the common struggle
Cooperation breeds vision, and seeds were planted with a future harvest in mind.
In 1878, Mississippi A&M was sown into the soil of Mississippi.

Today, I am the yield, my roots running deep into the soil of my State.
They stir with industry, humility, and graciousness,
Forever entangled with the roots of my fathers, brothers, and sisters,
For those who sow and those who reap share in the return
All these truths bestowed upon me, indeed define who I am,
Champion of the Maroon & White, and a Mississippi State man until long after
I regard this identity as rich and deep as the soil from which it sprang.”

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