More Dr Who Comic Art

Found this one through Wired, from the 90's:

Something about looking at Dr Who art inspires me. Not sure why. Everything I am writing right now is more grounded. Maybe that is why, maybe my mind needs to see the fantastic as a release from the ordinary/real/gritty/dirty.

Grant Morrison talking about Dr Who:

If I was going to do it, I’d probably do the television version,” Morrison said. “That would be the thing to see. ‘Doctor Who’ for me was always about drama. It was about actually watching it on the television, and the fact that in Britain it was kind of a Saturday night ritual thing was a very primitive, sitting-around-the-campfire kind of feeling. I think that’s the aspect that I always liked: the fact that kids would be terrified, but at the same time, parents would watch it, and they would be able explain to the kids what it was they were terrified about. It was about the communal experience, and it’s become that again, since Russell T. Davies took over.”

“I love the character,” Morrison added. “Jon Pertwee [the Third Doctor], was my favorite, I was really fond of Colin Baker [Sixth Doctor], he was a great actor, a great Doctor, but he had a terrible storyline, which kind of killed that one. I like Christopher Eccleston [Ninth Doctor] as well. He didn’t get enough of a shot at it. But I’ve kinda grown fond of David Tennant [Tenth Doctor] now.

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